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Zhu & Nero Produce the Collab of Our ‘Dreams’

On August 18th Zhu made his latest EP stardustexhalemarrakedreams available to fans (each track is combined to form the title of the EP). The four track EP notably features a first time collaboration with fellow neo-noir electronic masters Nero. It’s about time the two acts combined their talent. The single ‘Dreams’ (released Aug 17th) opens with sounds of a Gregorian Chant and gradually escalates into a haunting electronic beat while Zhu lends his airy vocals to the track.


Nero posted the track on their SoundCloud page this Monday (Aug 28th) coinciding with a new playlist titled ‘2808’ after the first track of their 2010 album Welcome Reality. Of course it’s no coincidence the release date for the playlist is the 28th of August (28. 08 as would be for the British group). The playlist features a demo track titled ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and a reopened version of their track 2010 ‘Innocence’.  While ‘Blade Runner 2049’ takes on a more sinister sound of a vintage horror film, the reopened version of ‘Innocence’ is a sexy house fueled and bass enhanced club-track. The two tracks are the first sequence of new music released from Nero since their 2015 album Between II Worlds.