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ZHU Constructs Aesthetic Sanctuary in ‘Ringo’s Desert’: Listen

Ringo’s Desert is the latest album to come from the iconic dark contemporary producer ZHU and serves as the musical conclusion to the story that began on his EP Ringo’s Desert Pt.1 which the artist released in the Spring of 2018. As the album title implies, ZHU draws his inspiration for the album from the desert which serves as both a literal and metaphysical setting to the album’s concept; “The origin of this project, I think it’s kind of a dark one.”, says ZHU, “It really started when my guitar player had a very traumatic divorce. I wanted to create a therapeutic record for him to be able to play the things that he couldn’t talk about, and I’ve always seen the desert as a healing place… I’m very driven by location. I try to channel a specific location to make a record, and I just really felt like we had to hit a bunch of deserts to do this.”, continues ZHU in an interview with Billboard.

While the desert may seem like a barren Hell, ZHU imagines it as a sanctuary and an escape from the mental clutter of modern life in which raw emotions can be assessed and creativity can bloom. ZHU demonstrates his expertise in aesthethic bulding by channeling the blistering heat and other-wordly nature of the desert into musical form. Ringo’s Desert is a slow burn of gloomy emotion coupled with stimulating sensuality.

ZHU creates an exotic club energy in tracks such as “Desert Woman” while depicting a surreal psychedelic desert-scape in “Burn Babylon”. The tragic components of the album come to life in the emotionally distraught track “Save Me” which melts into the mournful haunting track “Ghost In My Bed”. The album concludes with ‘My Life’ serving as a redemptive form of closure for the album’s storyline.

ZHU’s latest album coincides with the announcement of his Dune 2018 tour. As we can anticipate from the atmospheric master, the live showing of his newly released music will only amplify and heighten ZHU’s re-imagined world.