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Why The Widdler Is About To Change Your Perspective On Dubstep

It’s no argument that dance music has nearly abandoned its roots over the last decade.  Most producers spend their time imitating whatever sound is currently popular with few looking forward and even less looking back at what made the music great in the first place.  The Widdler has stuck to what made people fall in love with dubstep, grinding out tune after tune and mix after mix of deep and heavy, ground rattling basslines.

The Widdler has caught the attention of crowds nationwide and has the attention of artists like Bassnectar who featured The Widdler at Basslantic City in 2017 and New Years Eve 360.  It’s clout like this that makes us truly anticipate his upcoming tour with Psymbionic as they blaze a trail through cities like Washington DC, Richmond and Virginia Beach.