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Why Ganja White Night Will Wreck Everything You Thought You Knew About Dubstep

Ganja White Night is gaining popularity worldwide and there’s very little holding them back. Is the dance scene ready for the change that seems to be taking place?

It’s been a long road for dubstep. The genre shows no boundaries as offshoot subgenres continue to blossom which started with “bro step” and then progressed to drumstep, melodic dubstep, and now bass house. For a while the roots of dubstep seemed to have been forgotten but new artists are emerging who are putting their own spin on the genre with an ode to it’s origin but current and possibly better than ever. This is where Ganja White Night takes to the scene with a career highlighted by sold out shows everywhere. Their first tour of the United States was a smash in every city and there is rumor of a new tour coming up. Are you ready to feel the riddim?

Check out Ganja White Night’s “Mr Wobble Promo Mix” here: