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Valentine’s Day Is Going to Suck

The most notorious Hallmark holiday is right around the corner and people often have very mixed feelings about it.  Sure, it’s a great day to remind someone that you love them but that gets watered down with high expectations, long waits at a restaurant to get mediocre service, and flowers that die two days later… a harrowing analogy for the rough patches that lie ahead.  That is, if you were even lucky enough to have someone to spend Valentine’s with…

The “Get Laid” parties were designed with pure celebration in mind for those who wish to have a fun night out, regardless of relationship status.  The party is two days long,  hitting DC on February 9th and then in Richmond on February 10th.  Surprise your partner with tickets to either show but save yourself some money when you purchase today.  We are offering deep discounts for nearly $30 in savings depending on how many you get.