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Ultrabar Hosts its First Shuffle Contest: Good Vibes Ensue

Washington DC’s four floor mega club, Ultrabar, typically has no problem bringing out the crowds and this Thursday night was no exception; Ultrabar’s Shuffle contest packed the house with EDM lovers and dance enthusiasts alike for a night of good vibes and fun competition. Although Ultrabar serves up a mix of music genres on the weekend, Thursday’s are officially EDM nights in which Glow caters to EDM fans with house, bass, and trap music.

The atmosphere on Glow Thursdays at Ultrabar tends to attract a crowd whom might not normally attend Nightclubs.  Additionally, Ultrabar deviates from a strict club dress code on Thursdays in lieu of a more relaxed and raver-friendly policy. Likewise, the crowd fuels the laid-back atmosphere with positive and friendly energy.

DJ D-Wayne kept the good vibes going all night long and offered up a variety of tracks that dancers could move their feet to. Before the competition even started, shufflers were on the dance floor warming up and showcasing their moves. Despite being in a competition against each other, the competitors were anything but cut-throat and instead supportive and encouraging.

The contest featured twenty-one extremely talented participants amongst which the top five advanced to a second round and the top three were selected to win cash and prizes. Of the top three Lando Kururugi placed 3rd, Jimmy Canales came in 2nd, and Ben Stith in 1st place. Although Stith only began shuffling roughly two years ago he considers himself passionate about the dance he believes to be a true art form. Additionally, Stith believes the contest brought out “the best shufflers all in one night”.