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Transforming Camp Ramblewood into Nightmare Festival: Rania Peet’s Haunted Decor

In addition to amazing music, people, and attire, no festival would be complete without outstanding decorations. Naturally, décor on Halloween allows for limitless possibilities and this year’s Nightmare Festival – occurring annually on Halloween – will be decked out and amplified thanks to the stellar artist, Rania Peet. Peet, a freelance artist and event decorator, specializes in prop design and art installations, which not only encompass the theme of events and festivals, but also takes them to new levels of creativity and imagination. A distinct characteristic of Peet’s work goes beyond its aesthetic value, making the entire experience truly interactive. “[My goal] is to create beautiful environments for people to enjoy, to open minds and show people something unexpected, amazing, life changing, eye opening and awe inspiring.” stated Peet an interview with Badass Raves.

the night circus

Peet’s creativity and talent emerged in her childhood, often crafting miniature cities and life-sized props. In her teens, Peet attended a technical high school, taking classes in wood shop, hot metal and mechanical drawing. By her early 20′s Peet discovered the rave scene and became captivated by it; “I was fascinated by the visual production and knew I wanted to be involved immediately.” says Peet, “I got involved with a local promotion crew, decorating smaller parties which then led me to building décor for Buzz on a weekly basis. That opened lots of doors and I just took all the jobs I could handle. ”

nightmare 1

In the past, Peet has decorated for Nightmare 2015, Big Dub Festival 2014 and 2015, as well as Dreamscape Festival in 2015. Prior to teaming up with the BADASS production team, Rania has worked for major companies such as Buzz, Ultraworld Raves, and DC Amory. Additionally, Peet previously owned and operated a haunted house, The Haunted Garden, in Silver Spring, Maryland featuring oversized props, live actors, theatrical lighting, and special effects. Nightmare Festival, held at Camp Ramblewood, will house Peet’s marvelous Haunted Garden as well as a host of Peet’s extravagant decorations.

To see more of Peet’s work check out her website.www.stopandeattheroses.com

Be sure to check out the full interview with Rania to follow shortly.