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The Big Dub Festival Survival Guide

Big Dub is SO close! Make sure you have everything you need to make your experience on the mountain magical!


• Flashlight
• Canteen / Camelbak / Reusable cup
• Garbage Bags (Big Dub is a 100% Leave No Trace Event)
• Extra Car Keys
• PHONE + wall & car charger
• ID + backup ID
• CASH – more than you think you will need
• Credit card/Debit card – There is an ATM onsite
• Proof of health insurance/AAA card
• Tickets or printed email confirmation
• Map or directions to venue
• Prescription Meds
• Watch (Keep track of timeslots!)

Keep In Your Car
• ID
• Wallet
• House Keys
• Jumper Cables
• Leave yourself a clean change of clothes, fresh socks, a little bit of cash for tolls and a couple of granola bars in your car for the ride home

• Tent (TIP: Set it up in your house or backyard beforehand to get familiar with how to set it up, just in case you have to in the dark!)
• Sleeping Bag or bedroll
• Extra Blankets (TIP: bring a couple, it gets cold at night!)
• Pillows
• Air Mattress or Bedroll (TIP: Don’t forget your airpump and extra batteries! Bonus if your remember a patch kit in case you spring a leak)
• Tarp(s) for shade and/or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking
• Extra Tent Stakes
• Luggage or Locker Lock for your tent (better safe than absolutely mad)
• Canopy (TIP: put your tent underneath for additional shelter and shade!)
• Chairs and/or rugs for sitting (TIP: Put a tarp underneath! Cardboard works too. Upcycle those beer cases!)
• Fold-Out Table (TIP: DIY table with 2 record crates and a piece of wood or plastic)
• Camp Deco! Tapestries, fabric, lanterns, windchimes, etc.
• Extra light source (TIP: Solar lights are great and can be very cheap!)

It’s A Trap!
• Use flags, neon rope, lights, or other methods to identify tent lines and stakes
• Always keep your car keys in the same place: whether it is a pocket in your tent or in your bag, but keep track of them!
• Identify nearest restrooms to your tent during daylight

Survive and Thrive
• First Aid Kit – Ibprofen, Antiacids, Bandaids for Blisters, Neosporin
• Essential Medications
• Vitamins + Multivitamins
• 5-HTP
• Emergen-C or Airborne
• Motion Sickness meds
• Grocery bags + large and small Ziploc bags – (TIP: these items take up almost no weight or space and have 8 zillion uses, from dirty clothes to trash. )
• Pocket Knife
• Ear Plugs
• Hairties, headbands, bobby pins (TIP: All can be used for a variety of purposes)

Not All Hippies Are Dirty
• Deodorant
• Bug Spray
• Shower Kit
• Dry Shampoo (Oh my god it is AMAZING! Get it at CVS or most drugstores)
• Baby Wipes (*please do NOT dispose of these in toilets or porta potties!*)
• Lotion / Massage Oils
• Toothbrush / Toothpaste
• Gum / Candy
• Extra Toilet Paper
• If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair! And don’t forget your contact solution + glasses
• Perfume / Cologne / Essential oils
• Chapstick (TIP: Can also be used to lube your tent or clothes zipper. That is not a metaphor.)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
• Day Bag / Backpack / utility belt with name and address label (TIP: Pack and organize your bag before you go!)
• Umbrellas or hats for rain and sun
• Sunglasses (TIP: There is about a 50% chance you will lose these. Don’t bring your best pair, and keep a backup pair in your tent, and one in your car!)
• Bandannas – lots
• Small container of sunscreen
• Sandwich bags for cigarette butts and MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)
• Mobile Phone Charger
• Big Dub Map and Program!
• Camp Flag or other Identifying Markers
• Headlamp and/or several backup ways to see in the dark

Cooking + Eating
• Small camping stove, small grill or rent a fire ring
• Extra gas canisters, fuel or charcoal
• Biodegradable hand and dish soap (TIP: Dr. Bronners soap cleans dishes, bodies, and teeth too!)
• Hand Sanitizer
• Straws (of course)
• Wet Wipes
• Reusable hot mug for coffee (TIP: Delicious coffee is sold on the grounds at the Coffee Dragons Café!)
• Reusable cold mug for drinks (TIP: Drinking Water is available at spigots)
• Reusable camping equipment (TIP: Figure out what kind of food you will be cooking / bringing and make sure you have the necessary equipment to prepare it)
• Flask
Foooood + Drinks
• Drinks with electrolytes: Coconut water, Smart Water, Gatorade,
• Citrus: High levels of vitamin C will help keep you healthy amongst the large festival crowds. Grapefruit and orange slices make a refreshing and delicious snack, but if you’re looking to bring on the electrolyte power, bring on the lemons. Squeezing some into your water will give that extra boost to keep you going
• Grabbable snacks: nuts, chips, berries, granola bars, banannas
• (PROTIP: Sandwich for the first day – make one yourself or grab a 12” from a local deli, you can eat half for lunch, half when you get hungry later, and not have to think about food the whole first day)
• Group foods are fun! Think pita chips + hummus & cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, pepperoncinis, red onion slices, tabouleh, etc.
• Instant foods are good too: garlic rice noodles or cinnamon oatmeal
• Tinfoil Dinners: An ideal dinner if you don’t want to spend much time cooking, yet want to serve a meal that’s wholesome and satisfying. Great way to grill veggies. The best part? No dishes to wash up!

• (TIP: Before you leave for the mountain, try on and pick enough outfits to get though the event. Pack those outfits into their own Zip Loc bags. You can even pack a few extra in case you want to get fancy. It helps you to pack lighter, is a huge space saver, and is also CLUTCH for those late night costume changes.)
• Sturdy, comfy, closed-toe shoes (TIP: The land is hilly and full of roots, get some comfy insoles. Bonus points if you waterproof your shoes beforehand!)
• Extra pair of shoes (Just in case!)
• Sandals for shower and swimming hole
• 2x the amount of socks you think you will need
• 2x the amount of underpants you think you will need
• Bathing suit
• Light Jacket
• Hoodies (TIP: Bring 2 just in case it’s colder than expected!)
• Poncho / Rain Jacket (because you never know!)
• 1-2 long-sleeved shirts + pants
• Sleepytime clothes
• Your favorite rave costumes & accessories

• Camera + Extra Battery (TIP: Go old-skool and use a disposable camera during the day!)
• Props! Hoops / Staff / Poi / Rubber Chicken, etc
• Water Wings or Floaties
• Journal, Sketchbook
• Hand drums and other musical instruments
• Hammock
• Altar Offerings for the Spirits
• Shiny beautiful things to trade with the faeries
• Gifts for the community (jewelery, accessories, stones, bandannas, things other people might need!)
• Facepaint / crazy makeup (TIP: Before you go out, dust a fine layer of translucent powder over makeup or use a tiny spray of hairspray / setting spray to set the makeup and make it smudgeproof)