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Spor Tour Coming Up, Where Will He Be Playing?

Call us late to the game if you want, but we still haven’t gotten over the new Spor EP. We’ve been waiting for years now for new material from Jon Gooch while he took time to focus on his electro alter ego, Feed Me, but now, finally, Spor has returned to his drum n bass roots.

Gooch is known for his technicality and extremely refined production work whether he’s wearing his Spor or Feed Me hat, and this new album is a perfect testament to the musicality that we’ve all come to expect from him. This album is not only huge for drum & bass as a whole, but marks a big step forward for Gooch himself, which is saying quite a bit.

This album has been receiving nonstop critical acclaim since it was released back in February, and with good reason, but this comes with more good news. Gooch has also announced that he will be touring as Spor this year. No tour dates have been released so far, but this is very exciting news. Where would you like to see Spor play?


Image Credit: YourEDM.com