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Space Jesus & Freddy Todd Announce A New Project

While both Space Jesus and Freddy Todd have already made a name for themselves in the electronic music industry, their latest project is brand new and surely promising; together the producers unite to form the collaborative effort known as Guccimen. Both artists fall into the obscure spectrum of sound encompassing EDM; Space Jesus formulates a wonky hip-hop laced blend of bass music, while Todd produces far-out funky electronica with notes of futuristic vapor-wave. Together the two can only produce a quality of music that is all their own.

Individually, each artist is highly accomplished, having toured both domestically and internationally while putting out several albums over the years. Most recently, Todd released his Khrysos EP for 2015 and Space Jesus released Close Encounters and Dopplebangers for the same year. Between regularly putting out original music, touring, and forming new musical projects, both artists are on a roll and picking up speed.

Guccimen’s music is genre-less or at least has yet to be categorized (which may be the point of their musical project). The beat making duo exercises a lesson in abstraction and non-conformity for electronic music. Guccimen has yet to define themselves conceptually as anything more than being “trippy men”; they prefer to let their music be whatever it may be, which is different for everyone: Trippy? Sure. Weird? You bet. Funky intergalactic space cruise tunes? Most Definitely. While subject to interpretation in sound, Guccimen’s talent is indisputable and sure to impress.

They’ll be bringing their strange sensational sounds to U Street Music Hall January 26th, 2017. Be sure not to miss their performance and check out Guccimen’s newly released short-length debut EP right here.