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Show Spotlight: Black Magic, Official Nightmare Pre-Party

B.A.D.ASS. Raves, East Coast Hard Dance & Good Vibes Promo are proud to present the next installment of our Audio Havok parties: Black Magic, the Official pre-party for this year’s much anticipated Nightmare Festival. Please join us on October 17 for this voodoo themed Halloween party as we explore three rooms of mystifying music. First we have The Witch’s Den where there will be non-stop hard bass throughout the night. Headliners in the Witch’s Den include international hardcore artists such as Ophidian, J-Roon, and Koosmix from the Netherlands and Italian native Unexist. The next room is The Realm where you can get a heavy dose of bass music, dubstep, and trap. The third and final room is called Elektrik Voodoo and will be dedicated to house and dnb throughout the night.

Audio Havok’s manager Nick Di Gabber (also known as DJ Treachery) emphasizes that Audio Havok’s mission is to make the hard dance scene more prominent in the United States. Every Audio Havok installment thus far has featured international artists, while maintaining a focus on our local talent. We want to grow our resident artists as DJs, but also as true performers and ambassadors for the US Hard Dance Scene. Get your tickets here and come join the fun!

B.A.D.ASS. Raves – http://badassraves.com/
East Coast Hard Dance – http://www.eastcoastharddance.com/
Good Vibes Promo – https://www.facebook.com/goodvibespromo?fref=ts
Audio Havok – https://www.facebook.com/audiohavok?fref=ts
Black Magic – https://www.facebook.com/events/1014474805252143/
Nightmare Festival – http://www.nightmare-festival.com/
Ophidian – http://www.djophidian.com/
J-Roon, and Koosmix – http://www.negativeaudio.com/
Unexist – https://www.facebook.com/DjUnexist?fref=ts
DJ Treachery – http://www.djtreachery.com/
here – http://www.ticketfly.com/event/901493