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Rumors Swirl Around Swedish House Mafia Ultra Reunion

Just as suddenly as Swedish House Mafia burst into the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century did they seem to abrubtly take a step away from the limelight as a trio. For many new fans of EDM during that time, they were the first introduction of progessive and electro house to the mainstream circuit, essentially being one of the main contributors to put EDM on the map for many who never thought of it as something other then a distant underground scene. Swedish House Mafia, comprised of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steven Angello, while having a relatively short run as a trio, catapulted themselves to global superstar status through their iconic tracks such as “One”, “Save The World”, and “Don’t You Worry Child”. They demonstrated that a small quality body of work is infinitely more valuable then a large quantity of less than masterful music.

Five years ago the trio played their final set at Ultra Miami Mustic Festival. Now, after suddenly updating their social media, rumors are swirling that they might be the highly anticipated surprise act to perform at Ultra Miami 2018. This year’s Ultra marks the festival’s 20th anniversary; it would only be fitting for SHM to reunite where they last performed together.

As the years and countless shows go by and new artists become EDM heavyweights, only legends never die. We’ll have to wait and see if they make their reunion a reality at Ultra this year, but it seems that whether or not it’s at Ultra, they have something in store for fans later to come.