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Psychedelic Sea Will Be Hosted in DC & It’s Shaping Up To Be Bigger Than Ever

The best events always happen once in a blue moon.  The demand for the return of Psychedelic Sea has far exceeded the supply for the last 4 years which has made this one of the most anticipated events in our series of themed parties.  PSYSEA was hosted last year in Baltimore after a three year hiatus after it’s debut in DC at Echostage in 2013.  We’re pleased to announce that we are returning to DC this summer but at a secret location.  You must purchase a ticket online to receive the location.  The best part about this?  There’s muliple stages again, including an outdoor stage that will operate deep into the sunrise.

Sunrise sets are very rare these days since most parties take place in traditional venues who have stipulations on how late they can operate.  Sets played during the sunrise are often a special experience and we intend to deliver with music that will move your soul.  This is just one of the many selling points of this year’s #PSYSEA.  You can find more info when you CLICK HERE

Friday, August 18th
Psychedelic Sea 2017
Hosted in a secret location
Ages 18+