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Nightmare Festival Opens Sober Camping & Meetings

Nightmare Festival now has an option for those who need support in experiencing the event without drugs or alcohol. Sober Camp is designed to provide a home base for those who would like to participate in a clean and sober experience. The sober camping area will be located about 50 feet in front of the entrance to Cabin U. There will also be meetings hosted at the pavilion at 4pm on Friday Oct 28th and 1pm on Saturday October 29th to help connect sober individuals.

This is not affiliated with AA, NA, or any other organized recovery group. It is simply a group of people who share the common bond of enjoying musical events in a clean and sober environment.

This community takes no position on each individual’s choices. It is an option to offer support to those who seek a common priority of sober living and hold two support meetings daily. The pavilion & Sober Camp will be noted on the Nightmare Festival site map.