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Nightmare Festival Lineup Announced!

The lineup is officially here – let’s celebrate!  Special care has been taken to create a Halloween festival that combines a broad range of dance music with a highly interactive community environment.  The second annual Nightmare Festival raises the bar for itself this year with new additions like theme camps, professional haunted exhibits, and new stage designs.  These additions will complement a curated selection of dance music that includes trance, dubstep, trap, hardstyle, house, techno, electro, downtempo, glitch, and live EDM.

Nightmare Festival got it’s start in 2010 as an underground warehouse rave called Psychedelic Nightmare.  It snowballed in size year over year and grew so big that it even outgrew Echostage, one of the countries best venues.  So here we are two years into becoming a festival, working hard to stick to our roots.   We may have grown in size but we have not sold out to mainstream dance music culture.  The festival combines some well known talent with talent on the rise.  Everyone on this lineup has a place because they are either  innovators or artists who have stuck to their roots and not changing their style to be whatever is popular at the time.

The festival is more than just a lineup of great musical acts.  The campgrounds will be immersed in decorations and each stage will be properly themed to add a 360 degree experience complemented by our amazing lights, lasers, and sound.  Hotel discounts are available as well for those who don’t wish to brave camping in the fall.


TICKETS & MORE INFO:  www.Nightmare-Festival.com


Full flyer below.  Click to expand.