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Nightmare Festival Artist Spotlight: DJ Massacat

Like many DJs and music producers, their pursuit of a career in electronic music came after discovering a love for the EDM scene itself. Likewise, Michelle Katzelnik, aka DJ Massacat, being exposed to electronic music in her childhood, followed the same pattern and also fell in love with the rave community and culture. For the past 5 years, 26 year old Massacat continues to instill the same love for EDM music and culture through her music and absolutely incredible enthusiasm.


To add to her amazing energy, Massacat brings an equally impressive sound that is both modern and nostalgic; “My sound could be described as if the 90’s made love to garage and techno…I live for those dope remixes of songs everyone knows the words to”, stated Massacat in an interview. A sense of nostalgia can provoke strong emotions and Masscat does so with purposeful intent by emphasizing lyrical music to connect with her audience; “[I am inspired by my] feelings”, says Massacat, “Music has to have soul and meaning and reasoning. Lyrics are a huge deal to me, because that is one of the easiest ways to convey feelings. Being able to share that with a crowd is an insane release.”

Massacat is an ideal artist to include in any lineup. Some of her appearances include Big Dub, U Street Music Hall, Flash, The 930 Club, Bambou, Dreamscape, and Nightmare Festival. Masscat has also worked with an ample amount of artists such as Crookers, Bro Safari, Lazy Rich, Lucky Date, Andy C, and The M Machine. Massacat will be returning to Nightmare Festival this Halloween.