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Nightmare Festival Artist Interview: Protohype

Badass Raves: Explain your sound. How do you differ from other producers in the scene?
Protohype: My sound… I’m pretty all over the place when it comes to production, I like to keep it that way to keep production fun and interesting. I always end up making records that have hip hop influences in them, whether it be the drums or synth style. I try not to compare myself to anyone else in the scene, I just focus on doing me.

BA: Where do you see the future of dubstep going?
PH: It’s tough to predict the future of a genre, because there are so many different artists coming and going that cause the changes that we see as listeners. I’m not really sure where dubstep is going, I can only hope that it stays interesting and fun like it always has been.

BA: You played Big Dub in 2014; how was your experience playing a Badass event? Are you excited for Nightmare?
PH: Big Dub was dope! That was a great time… And the last time I played Nightmare festival was awesome too, the kids out there really go hard, and are there to enjoy the music. Can’t argue with that!

BA: Do you have anything special in store for your fans at Nightmare?
PH: You never know what can go down at a festival like Nightmare, I might even camp!

BA: What’s next for you? Upcoming EPs/albums? Anything else you’d like to add?
PH: Just having a blast playing shows right now and working on new music. I’m working on a project right now that I can’t quite talk about, but know that new music is on the way!