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News: Dieselboy Releases Classic Mix Collection for Free

That’s right, one of the pioneers that has helped paved the way for modern drum and bass sound has decided to release his entire back catalog of classics mixes on SoundCloud… For free! It’s his intention to start another wave of innovation in the drum and bass scene, much like the one he helped spark in the first place.


“My intention is to release all of my classic CD mixes from over the years on my Soundcloud.
These mixes were previously only available for sale and split into multiple tracks. These
Soundcloud versions are presented as one straight mix. I would like to think that these CD mixes
helped mark a contribution to the history of the American drum and bass scene. Take a journey
back in time…” – Dieselboy


As a rapidly evolving genre, that has really begun to take it’s hold in the popular EDM conscious, it’ll be interesting to see how this decision will influence drum and bass music in the months and years to come.

Listen to these classic mixes as one continuous track on Dieselboy’s SoundCloud: