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Nero Members Launch New Pop Project: The Night

On March 8th Nero band members Daniel Stephens and Alana Watson shook fans up by unveiling their latest creative endeavor The Night. Diehard fans fear not, while both Dan and Alana are embarking on their own musical project as fellow band member Joseph Ray develops his solo project, Nero as a group isn’t going anywhere. The Night has been in the works for a couple years and carries over the common 80’s style of Nero along with cheerful pop elements that have been present in their work; “we wrote the first song around two years ago so it’s taken a while to get it to the point where we have a body of work. If you listen to the upbeat side of Nero it’s always there, especially with tracks like Into The Night…. It’s hard to do funky, fun, poppy party music as Nero so it’s been nice to be able to explore that side and have those two styles”, stated Dan in a recent interview with UKF. Their first single, appropriately named “Different Story” is out now and will be part of a greater album coming from the duo.

The Night is a special collaboration between Dan and Alana whom have been married since 2015 in which their own personal touch within Nero is extracted and expanded. Nero’s aesthetic revolves around the darker side of electronic music (Nero literally means black in Italian and is taken after the infamous Roman emperor Nero). The band typically gravitates towards themes incorporating elements of the night itself in both agressive apocalptic songs such as ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Dark Skies’ but also in lighter joyful tracks like ‘Into The Night’ and ‘Tonight’. Now with The Night, fans can enjoy the pop-elements present in Nero and the romantic aspect that Dan and Alana bring to their production.

Nero band members from left to right: Joseph Ray, Alana Watson, and Daniel Stephens.

Be sure to check out the full length interview with UKF to learn more about the project and the future of Nero. Click here.