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Music: Elite Force “One Playa Sunrise” 6 hour set

Elite Force is absolutely Nutz!  This 6 hour masterpiece makes us highly anticipate his appearance at Nightmare Festival this Halloween weekend at Camp Ramblewood near Baltimore MD.  We fully support artists who can dig deeper into their souls and use music as a driving force for personal depth and spiritual momentum.  Elite Force has remained one of kind, staying true to his roots as EDM continues to grow further from it’s own roots.

Elite Force states, “These sets at the Nutz camp have grown organically in the 5 years I have been doing them for, and have been the catalyst for a sea change in my own personal musical appreciation. They’ve shown and encouraged me to dig deep into electronic music, looking for a spiritual dimension … they have stretched me mentally and physically, and in doing so I see myself leaving my past behind in all it’s forms.”

Don’t miss this one of a kind performance.