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Mad Decent Boat Party Cancellation Due to Tragedy Results in Refunds, But People Still Aren’t Happy

The Mad Decent Boat Party was cancelled last week in the middle of their voyage after an attendee went overboard in the middle of the night. Rescue workers went on an immediate search for Kaylyn Sommer of Charleston, South Carolina, who was seen “intentionally going overboard.” With the search for Kaylyn Sommer taking more than 24 hours out of the ship’s travel time, it was impossible for them to make port at Cozumel and make it back in the time allotted to experience the full cruise

Mad Decent has offered refunds of $57.47 despite ticket prices being in the $1000-2000 range. TMZ has reported a plethora of angry clientele who were aboard the ship that feel the refund was not significant enough. Mad Decent has stated the refunds were equal to the cost “of the cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Everything else is nonrefundable.”

While most seem to be taking it well, many complaints have surfaced around the internet. On the upside, there are several people who are suggesting that the refunds be donated to Kaylyn’s memorial fund, which is a testament to the compassion the electronic dance music scene has been known for.

For a better understanding of what went down on the ship following the man overboard announcement, visit Thump.