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Luzcid Delivers Stellar Celestial Bass in New EP ‘Gravity Canon’

Out now from Wakaan, the smashing five track EP Gravity Cannon is the latest release from the notable producer Luzcid. Known for his eclectic tastes and dynamic music quality, Luzcid continues to develop his sound and experimental range. His latest EP explores a variety of styles within each track and throughout the EP’s entirety.

As the first track from which the EP takes it’s name would suggest, “Gravity Canon” delivers a strong and explosive bass quality that is heavy and reminiscent of earlier dubstep with an emphasis on mechanical textures and a futuristic flair. “Get Stupid” picks up on the opening track featuring raps from Cojaxx for a more aggressive tone that is then contrasted by the fairy-like vocals of CASHFORGOLD on “Memory”.

Luzcid and Hexis pair their talents on the highly energized track “Breaking Out” while the EP concludes with the CASHFORGOLD on “All We Need” for a down-tempo superlunary melodic finish. Keep your eyes on this Wakaan star who only seems to be shining brighter with each release.

Listen to the Gravity Cannon right here: