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LAWSUIT: Aoki Doesn’t Want To Be Called A “Shit DJ”

Steve Aoki is suing music satire website Wunderground for posting a photo of a shirt that poked fun at Aoki, insisting that he is a “Shit DJ.”

Aoki’s legal team threatened send the Wunderground CEO a cease-and-desist letter this week, urging that all shirts be destroyed.

“We’ve done some articles on Steve in the past and he hasn’t responded too well to them… The last thing I expected was for him to give us this. I thought he would leave it alone, and not add fuel to the fire,” says Maguire in a quote to Billboard.

This is not the first legal threat to Wunderground. In the past they have received notices from both David Guetta and Calvin Harris. has seen legal threats from David Guetta and Calvin Harris in the past.

The best part about this is that Wunderground never actually produced the shirt and it was merely just an online satire photo. The CEO of Wunderground publicly posted a reply in true satirical fashion to address each demand of the cease-and-desist, stressing that Aoki and his legal team have no grounds in suing him over a t-shirt that never existed.