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Kesha Finds Her Voice On Zedd’s “True Colors”

After making a huge surprise at this year’s Coachella a live debut, Zedd and Kesha Rose have surprised us again by releasing “True Colors” yesterday, a day earlier than expected. The track off Zedd’s sophomore album remains the same except with the addition of Kesha’s powerful and awe-inspiring vocals.


“True Colors” marks Kesha’s first step back into music after an ongoing legal battle against the singer’s producer Dr. Luke. The star filed a suit against Dr. Luke in 2014 on sexual assault and abuse charges, pleading for an emergency release from her contract with her label Kemosabe. However, the court denied the injunction that would free her from her contract as well as the following appeal made by the singer.

Kesha’s case ignited the social media tag #FreeKesha in which fans and fellow artists showed support for the singer who has been unable to freely release music since the beginning of her legal battle. In the midst of the #FreeKesha campaign, Zedd showed support for Kesha by offering to collaborate on a song with her. Upon its release, Zedd tweeted that they managed to gain approval by Kemosabe to record the track.


In what is imaginably an emotionally draining experience for Kesha who has been barred from free musical expression since 2013, the singer commented on her Instagram this past Wednesday stating, “It’s a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that [Zedd] is a fucking beautiful person with a heart of gold”.


The track will be available for purchase as of today. The lyrics overwhelmingly speak to Kesha’s determination to remain true to herself as an artist and maintain a fighting spirit in the face of adversity; “I’m not afraid, I’m not/All my life, one page at a time/I’ll show you my, my true colors/No, no no no I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes”.

Watch and listen to live performance of their song here.

Download the song on iTunes here.