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Introducing the Micrashell: A New Concept for Nightlife in the Age of a Pandemic

In the onset of the pandemic caused by the airborne virus covid-19, global life across all social spheres have been irrevocably altered from our personal daily interactions, the decisions of world leaders, and naturally the world of artists and innovators of our time. The second decade of the 21st century is truly a new era that has already beckoned the need for the urgent change in how we consume, interact, think and create. More than ever we need creatives to exercise their brilliance. For the LA based collective known as Production Club, they have brainstormed on the contemporary issues we face resulting in their latest design termed as the Micrashell.

Design for the Micrashell

Although only still in it’s design stage, the Micrashell is a pandemic protected suit intended to responsibly break the barriers of social distancing in a night life and entertainment setting. Features of the suit would include air filtration and ventilation based on worldwide standard regulations using N95 filters, phone integration, customize-able communication and audio settings, camera equipment, mood lighting control, and of course fashion accessories (there will be pockets!). This forward thinking suit is serving us cyber aesthetic realness and more utility than under normal circumstances.

Details of the Micrashell

Ironically, it’s difficult to see how world events will play out in 2020 and beyond. There isn’t an exact date to when social distancing measures will be lifted nor is there any guarantee that another pandemic might emerge. While the Micrashell exists now only as a prototype there may come a time for the introduction of technology that will allow us to reenter aspects of life but with new parameters.

Production Club is no stranger to innovation and dazzling creativity. Their collective studio has lead numerous projects ranging from festival production, stage design, interactive art installations, and artist visuals. We’ve put together just a handful of highlights of their work here. More of their work can be viewed on their website.

In 2019, Production Club conceptualized, designed, and produced Amazon’s first ever music festival: Intersect.
An Interactive Art Installation from Intersect Festival 2019
Intersect Festival 2019
A retro arcade for Intersect Festival 2019
Skrillex’s North American Mothership tour
Zhu’s Dune Tour