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Hear Yellow Claw’s Explosive New LP: Los Amsterdam is Audio Gold

Earlier today, the iconic duo Yellow Claw released their 13 track album Los Amsterdam. In what may be considered their best album yet among their incredible discography, Yellow Claw continues to be the premier act defining trap music today.

In this album, Yellow Claw creates a much more pure and personal sound than their previous albums;”We did everything wrong that we could’ve have done wrong [making Blood For Mercy],” says Nils Rondhuis of Yellow Claw in a statement with Billboard.”We were really compromising between: what do I like to listen to, what do I want to play in the club, and even what can people listen to at home,” stated co-producer Jim Aasgier. 

The album from start to finish shows true progression in their sound. Los Amsterdam contains both beautiful and melodic tracks, as well as heavy bass fueled bangers, culminating to form a commanding and polished piece of work. Check out the album on Spotify here.