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Flux Pavilion’s Sound Takes a New Turn With Latest Singles

Today  the notorious dubstep producer Flux Pavilion released two new singles off of Circus Records. While Flux grew his fame out of producing anthem dubstep tracks such as ‘I Can’t Stop‘, ‘Cracks Ft. Belle Humble‘, and ‘Bass Cannon‘,  his latest two tracks reflect a totally different direction from his previous work.  ‘Stain’ Ft. Two-9, an Atalanta based hip-hop group, and ‘Saxophone Doom’ Ft. Jace and  Curtis Williams, rely heavily on hip-hop and trap beats infused with bass.

Flux teased fans on social media with small comics designed by Jack T. Cole leading up to the release of his latest singles.


Flux isn’t the first producer to ride the tide of the trap wave and he most likely isn’t the last. As Flux’s music moves forward he certainly seems to be expanding his production skills to different styles and sounds and perhaps moving away from the classic tunes that put him on the map. Flux is currently on his Around The World in 80 Raves tour. His next stop will be in Atlanta Georgia for Imagine festival.

Listen to the new music from Flux right here.