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Figure Brings The Fire With One Of His Best EP’s Yet

The notorious Hell raiser and producer known as Figure has layed down some serious tunes for 2018. While Figure is distinguished for his macabre and occult music, he is also equally renowned for his talent and ability to progress in his sound. In his latest EP Incident 86, Figure combines elements of trap and riddim to create an aggressive and combative tone. In addition to his new EP, Figure released two recent singles: “Let’s Go” ft. Bare and “Riot” ft. Hatch which both showcase Figure’s knack for danceable heavy bass production without sounding stale or recycled.

Figure has remained a consistently strong artist over the course of his career; not only does he continue to perfect his already outstanding portfolio, but he remains authentic as an artist. In his mini-documentary by Disciple, Figure reveals he continues to live in his small hometown of Evansville, IN which aids his organic creativity; “Living in Evansville keeps me completely out of the loop and helps me be the type of producer where when you hear my songs, you know it’s mine.”

In addition to remaining an authentic artist, figure has been able to rise to prominence despite producing what would be considered a niche genre of music. His story illustrates that by refusing to slip into a generic mold, his artistry has been able to flourish. Figure is currently on tour and will be headlining Synergy on July 6th at Charm in Baltimore with support from Arius. Badass Raves and Subsdance are combing forces to bring the DMV one of the most highly anticipated parties of the year. Tickets are on sale now. R.S.V.P here.