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Silence of the Jams – SECRET MISSION – Oct 17th

Fri Oct 17th 2014
All Responsible Ages


Tickets: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=alb5ncqab&oeidk=a07e9rn91vg599245da

On Friday October 17th, there will be a Secret Mission from an initiation location in DC to the destination location in Maryland. It will be a roving silent dance party, using all tactics and camouflage available to those who accept the mission.

This is the first time we know of — in the history of silent discos throughout the world — that a mobile silent dance party has crossed state lines.

Attendance is extremely limited — just a fraction of traditional events — so please do not volunteer for this mission unless you are are physically fit and willing to maneuver as needed to complete the assigned mission. However, those who are able to successfully reach the objective will be rewarded with a night of music and dance in the final undisclosed location.

Initiation location will be near the Takoma Metro Station at TROHV at 232 Carroll St NW, Washington, DC 20012. Roll call will start at 1800 hours (6 pm) and initiation of tactics is at 1900 hours (7 pm) SHARP. Those who do not arrive by 1850 (6:50 pm) will be left behind (with only a map to navigate to end point). VIP ticket holders will be granted special privileges at the Officer’s Club near the starting location. VIP ticket holders will also be awarded with three (3) free drinks upon mission completion.

It is imperative that concealment be used to cloak each participant’s movement. The mission commander will give three awards for the most innovative cloaking in any of the categories of espionage wear, camo material, uniform, ghillie suit, cape (or hood or cloak) and ninja.

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