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Go Wild! A Jungle Themed B.A.D.A.S.S. Birthday Celebration – Oct 10th

Fri Oct 10th 2014
18+ Enter/21+ Drink
Southland Ballroom


B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES, with support from Rave Heavy, invite you to a party of epic proportions as we transform Southland Ballroom into a blacklight reactive jungle! Dance with your friends under a canopy of lasers & lights in an exotic tropical forest. This is sure to be a night unlike any Raleigh has ever seen – come get ape shit with us!

Official birthday party for B.A.D.ASS’s own Ryan & Emily!


Rx – VA, Techno
BADAss/ 3D / Audiolab
Rx aka Bryant McGaughy has been djing for almost 18 years. He started off with Breaks back in 1996. He has spun everything from Uk Hard House to Dnb to even Uk Hardcore. These days Rx spins a unique blend of Breaks, House, and Techno. He has a knack for tearing up dancefloors and mesmerizing his audience keeping them wanting more. His hard hitting basslines have been known to cause severe eargasms. Rx has played parties with such great djs/producers as Frankie Bones, Charles Feelgood, Feed Me, Steve Aoki, Deekline, Will Bailey, Lee Coombs, Dave Ralph, DJ Irene, Rusko, Calvertron, Hot Pink Delorean, Excision, Downlink, Nigel Richards, Dieselboy, Dara, and AK 1200 to name a few. He is not to be missed.

Unknown DJ – VA, Breaks
Symbiotic/Transit/Give productions
Sum say he traded his hair to the devil (because his soul was already too dark) for advanced djing skillz in the breaks genre. Others say he was the original Plump DJ… whatever the case may be, if u like Breaks u like the Unknown Dj!!! What else do you need to know?…… Oh and he was breast fed as baby! Go MOM!

Trigga Happy – Bmore/NC, Special DnB set!
Good Vibes/Digital Conspiracy
Five years ago; two old, jaded drum and bass DJs joined forces because they were tired of hearing the same thing in DC and Baltimore. Stryda and J-Dastardly wanted to hear something different, they wanted to inject some fun and silliness into the scene. What better way to do that than with HAPPY HARDCORE!!! Thus, Trigga Happy was born. They toured throughout the northeast, shared the stage with some huge international talent, all while being made fun of by their friends and peers for playing hardcore. That didn’t stop them from crushing dance floors with they’re high energy mix of hardcore and drum and bass, right up until their retirement. Now an NC native, JD is dusting off his headphones for special set of that nasty drum and bass we all love so much. Only coming out of retirement for some kick ass people that were a big part of why Trigga became such a sensation.

Chilluminati (X/olf Vs. AtomikA) – NC, Pu55y Hau5

Mojo D – VA, Breaks

Promotional Support: Rage Raleigh & Do It BIG Collaborative

Celebrating October B-Day’s for these awesome cats too:
Toree Scheinhorn, Chris Vertical Rogers, Anthony Jacobs

$8 discounted pre-sales
$13 at the door

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