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Infinity Tour w/ Govinda, Kaminanda, + more

Thu Apr 12th 2018
18+ Enter/21+ Drink

The Infinity Tour ft. Govinda, Kaminanda, and Templo
Presented by Drum Circle Productions, Ebisu Sound, and The Untz

Govinda and friends bring their unique blend of transcendental
melodies, tribal percussion, and earwarping basslines to a converted warehouse in historic Shockoe Bottom, with plenty of icing on top:

Musical Lineup:

Govinda Music

Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born.


Kaminanda’s ever-evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, Psy-Dub, and lush downtempo textures. His music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences; a kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting, winding compositions. With six albums in his repertoire, this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic

Templo Music

Liam Shea, aka Templo, strives to blend atmospheric soundscapes with head bobbing beats. Born and raised in Denver, Templo’s interest in music began at the age of 11 behind a drum kit. This sparked an exploration into all types of instruments and music. On his tracks you will hear all original riffs and drum beats, incorporating a variety of instruments and styles. Templo has one foot in the future with influences including Tipper, Random Rab, and Emancipator. While at the same time paying heed to the classics, attempting to emulate the sounds of J Dilla, Eek-A-Mouse, and Gorillaz. Templo’s eclectic tastes comes through in his music as he aims to blend downtempo trip-hop,
funk and dub elements, with deep melodic bass. Ultimately, Templo aims to inspire creation and imagination in the music community and beyond.

With support from Ebisu Sound.


An eclectic blend of hip hop grooves, dark bass, and a sense of wit, one of the steering hands behind Ebisu Sound provides direct support for our evenings headliners, shaking you out of the box that the daily grind slyly imposes on us.

OmniGalactic b2b Yogamuffin

In a rare b2b, these two locals blend deep bass and excited wubbery with hyp-hop-notic percussion grooves, and incorporate solfeggio frequencies to resonate with your energy system chakra by chakra, providing a sound bath similar to singing bowls to start your evening anew and get you ready for the experience ahead.

JUST ANNOUNCED! For this special sound healing set, Omnigalactic and Yogamuffin will be joined by Hon Jao (of Bunk Buddha) and his multi-effects electric violin! check him out here: https://www.facebook.com/honjaoviolin/

-Live visuals on-stage will be provided by Sacramental Studios (IG: @sacramentalstudios)
-Live interactive visuals, incorporating YOU with VR elements will be provided by LysergiCAT
( https://www.facebook.com/VJLysergiCAT/ )
-Several local artists will be getting down on a collaborative mural
wall all night to the side of the stage.
-Abram (Slappy) Wells will be teaching mini-poi workshops between the first two sets on stage, providing insights you can then incorporate into your flow for the following set, and assisting for the rest of the evening in a designated instruction area.
-Underground will be vending handmade wares and assorted visionary essentials.
-There will be a prize for the most creative space-themed outfit, and there will be costumed volunteers making sure your evening goes well.

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