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Holiday Meltdown – Dec 19th

Fri Dec 19th 2014
18+ Enter/21+ Drink
Canal Club


B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES x Euphoric Productions x The Bassment x U-Foria x Dr. Bastard Productions x Sugarcube Productions x INTUNE Productions are teaming up to bring you a Christmas rave with as much awesome music, good vibes, and terrible sweaters as we can manage.

LINEUP (Not in order)

Groove Status vs. DJ Bohemian
Ruckle vs Dook & D-Rez
DJ Shugadadde vs DJ JMungz
Tre Justice vs DJ JERM
Sliggz vs SoundBody
Infexzion vs DJ Tripnotic

Each team will draw straws to determine when they play!

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