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Get Laid RVA

Sat 10th 2018
18+ Enter
Canal Club

Badass Raves & Mushmouth Media Presents….
18+ to spit
21+ to swallow
TICKETS: http://ticketf.ly/2jRy7tY


Valentine’s Day is always centered around showing your loved one, significant other, or romantic interest how much you appreciate them. Then there’s some of you who have had your hearts broken one too may times and just say “fuck love.” Then there’s those of you who are single and don’t have someone to celebrate with. Well whatever way you choose to frame it, we’re ready to get down to business. Are you ready to warm up your senses?


Intelligent Lighting by Dook
Line up to include Dubstep, Trap, Hard Dance, House, and Drum & Bass
Blow-up dolls
Lots of blow-up dolls
Like… a crazy amount of blow-up dolls
Naughty decorations
Polar Bear humping


*** The Fine Print ***

While the name is promiscuous and we want everyone to get weird and have a good time, please note that everyone has their personal boundaries. Don’t be a dick (this applies to male & female alike) and respect the loving environment that we have created. This is a party based on having fun & dancing to great music on a holiday that otherwise generally sucks ass.



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