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Event Horizon

Sat Sep 30th 2017
21+ Enter
Secret Warehouse

Event Horizon: the line enclosing a mysterious region of space that cannot be observed from the outside because even light cannot escape it. The supernatural sights and sounds found within remain a mystery to all but the daring that choose to venture inside.

On September 30, Badvss RAVES and Synthesis team up again to take you on a new journey of cosmic proportions, to a place filled with music from other dimensions, where light can behave in ways you have never seen. Opening your Third Eye was just the beginning…join us again at a secret warehouse location to explore just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

– A variety of dance music to take you on a journey from open to close
– 5 hour extended set from an artist to be announced soon
– Live lasers on a scale unseen in DC
– Interactive luminescent decorations and displays
– Food trucks on site

Tickets on sale Tuesday August 22 at 11:11 AM



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