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Dark Tower V3: Ooh Baby I Like It Raw!

Fri Apr 20th 2018
21+ Enter

Welcome members of our beautiful community to another gathering of like-minded individuals. We invited more friends from around the globe to share their special talents.

Before we get to all the fun details we want to set out intentions. We create this space for you to come and explore yourself through music, art, and self-expression. Our goal is to help foster a place where people feel safe. If at any time something happens that makes you feel unsafe, please come to us. The people working the coat check will be able to put you in touch with the person’s who handle these situations.

We’ve hired an outside security team; you might have met them if you ever went to Big Dub Festival. They are 100% professional, and here to help you have an amazing time.

We will be making some improvements to the flow of this event and hope you enjoy them.

Please let us know if there’s anything you think we should be doing better.

*Special Guests*
http://www.facebook.com/CodesHouse/ http://bit.ly/CodesSpotify

Fritz Carlton – Desert Hearts // This Ain’t Bristol, LA

ADMN – Infiltr8:Celebr8 // Sampled Recordings, Detroit!

Jerome Joyce will be on the mic bringing the rhymes and fun times!


The “36 Chambers” hosted by Actual Records and Badvss RAVES

Problem Unit
Hooded Leaders
Mojo Risin
Jay Shok
Musho b2b Jay Kountree


The “Jungle” presented by Camp Phuckit

Omni MC (Live)-Setu Tribe
Rob Paine (Dub Reggae Set)-Worship Records/Solomonic Sound
Jerome Joyce (Live)
Nobi-Fort Knox Five Records
Paul Oh-Organica Sounds
IANN-Camp Phuckit/Big Puffy Yellow


“Chamber No 9” presented by Symbiotic

Bunk Buddha
Normal Trade vs Hogan
Dali vs Dj Amp
Bill & Ed
Luxe & bass


The “Techno Basement” hosted by Labyrinth

Francois G
Miss Chloe
Brian Creswell


VISUALS by Funktaxi 1533
Sound by Nobi
Lighting by Super Collider
Flyer by Rolf Evan Cunningham

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