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Emalkay’s “Fabrication” Still Legendary 8 Years Later

The dubstep scene was set ablaze in the 2009-2011 era with artists like Caspa, Rusko, and Emalkay pulling together smash release after smash release. They were innovating a sound that would give birth to a multitude of variations on the genre of music.

For us, “Fabrication”, which was released in May of 2011 has remained one of the most iconic songs of that era. There was a point where these nostalgic tunes were rarely being rinse out at the clubs as young people poured into the scene from 2012-2016 with the EDM explosion. Suddenly everyone was talking about trap and future bass and there was such an evolution in dubstep that it seemed everyone was forgetting the classic tunes that made it all possible.

At some point in 2017 we started to notice tastes were changing and the nostalgic tracks from the beginning of the decade made a resurgence once again. Time after time we hear “Fabrication” getting dropped on big dance floors and the reaction is always a blissful one. It’s not a song that you ever grow tired of hearing as well so we’re proud to report that not only has this track reached legendary status, but it has proven that it will remain timeless and piece of DJ artillery for many more decades to come.

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