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Dreamscape Festival lineup is here!


The Dreamscape Festival lineup has now been unveiled! A new generation of musical genius is has been upon us and this roster highlights many of those acts.  Dreamscape sets the tone as we awaken the spring season with multiple stages of music in an atmosphere immersed in decoration and art.


This dynamic roster brings together different elements of culture for maximum party effect. Venture to the main stage, titled “City of Dreams” where a three dimensional LED wall engulfs the booth as a crescent moon surrounded by clouds and stars watches over the dancefloor; and massive dream catchers purify the air of the environment. Music will range from house music, trance and drum & bas to big room, trap and heavy dubstep giving many audiences styles to enjoy.
Daily pool parties will feature interactive games, pool toys, limbo & pie eating contests, as well as a diverse music lineup that lasts all night. Special sunrise sets will be played leading into Sunday to close out the festival. Guests arriving early on May 8th will have the opportunity to relax poolside before the other stages fire up so be ready to chill out & bring your swimswear!


The Zendo Lounge, found past the pool party is a pavilion canvased in tapestries and plush with mattresses & cushions to chill out in with your friends as you enjoy smooth, deep music that sparks your senses. The dancers of Electrocutre will perform pop-up performances throughout the weekend which include aerial silk performances as well as acro-yoga performances. Visual interaction is further stimulated by massive LED installations of dream catchers as well as a ten foot Flower of Life, controllable by our lounge guests. Daily yoga classes will be held here and both massage & Reiki therapy will also be available at select times.

The rest of the campground will be transformed to tie all each stage together by various paths meant for exploration. Rania Peet of The Haunted Garden will return to the grounds to create walkways and dream exhibits that lead patrons on an exploration between stages.


Two other stages include the Block Party, hosted by Symbiotic & Re:Magine, and The Thunderdome, hosted by NYCR. “Between the two stages our family will get a nice variety of underground talent with some amazing drum & bass, funky house, glitch hop, and even turntablism thrown into the mix,” says Bozzarelli. “We stand firm behind the DJs who keep the underground sub-culture alive, as they are the ones that shed light to areas of music most of us unable to discover.”


Some new perks offered this spring now include meal plans for the weekend and VIP parking.


“We look forward to providing a memorable audio & visual experience for our dance music family to enjoy as always. The concept of Dreamscape has always represented pulling away from the harsh reality many of us live in & to be the person we wish we could be without fear or shame while experiencing a majestic atmosphere that is amplified by awe-inspiring music,” says Chad Bozzarelli.


Since its inception in 2010, Dreamscape has been celebrated for creating an immersive fan experience with state-of-the-art stage and production design, interactive art installations and over-the-top theatrical elements. Thousands are expected to travel from miles away for the festival and real hype is rippling across all social media outlets. What originally began as a sell-out crowd experience at Washington DC’s legendary Echostage has evolved to become a spring festival to kick off another amazing season.