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Disarm Yourself With the Zebbler Encanti Experience

Surrealism has found a home to grow and evolve in the electronic music industry; combining the visual artistry of Zebbler and the electronic music production of Encanti, the Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka ZEE) blurs the distinction between dreams and reality by producing a fully immersive psychedelic audio and visual experience.
ZEE’s eye opening visuals are unhinging and unconventional yet powerfully and mystically enticing. To accompany their hypnotic visuals are equally captivating beats that simply fit no genre but are a mind-expanding experiment in sound.

Currently, ZEE is embarking on their “Get Psychic” tour which will include a stop at U Street Music Hall on May 4th with support from Sixis and Bleu. Dying for a sneak peak? Check out this recap video of ZEE at Wonderbar in Allston, MA from last year.