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CloZee May Be The Answer That Electronic Dance Music Needs Right Now

Dance music is sometimes a battleground of varying opinions, with  people so set on choosing sides and taking their beats one way or the other.  To make things even more complicated, high profile artists are rarely playing their own music at events and the crowds are beginning to take notice, especially when the same songs are heard set after set.

It’s time to introduce the French bass music producer known as CloZee whose groovy basslines are often complemented by ethnic instruments.  The feel of her original tracks is very hard to come by and she has completely surprised listeners at every turn.  She made her big East Coast festival this past May at Dreamscape Festival near Baltimore and blew the minds of the crowd with two sets over the course of the weekend.

We’ve hand-picked some of our favorites tunes by CloZee.  Don’t be afraid to share your favorites and let us know if you think Clozee is the answer we’ve all been waiting for!