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CloZee and Psymbionic Deliver Something New We’ve All Been Craving

Imagine a soundtrack for a journey into an otherworldly enchanted forest; the exotic and whimsical music of CloZee would no doubt be the one to provide it. Winning the ‘Best International Newcomer of 2013’ at the UK Glitch-Hop Awards, as well as appearing among the line ups of notable festivals such as Coachella, Shamabala, and Lightning in a bottle, young French music producer CloZee is making her presence known in the electronic music community. While still a fresh face to the industry, she’s no newcomer to music; her first introduction to music came at the age of 11 while learning to play classical guitar. By age 16, she began producing music. Over the years, she has put no time to waste by finely tuning her craft to create a masterful sound quality. CloZee spans a variety on genres (tribal trap, glitch-hop, trip-hop, ethno-fusion), and incorporates modern technological sounds with classical instruments, sounding simultaneously new-age but also somewhat ancient. Ultimately this bright star demonstrates a harmonious sound that is truly Zen.

Spinning off another creation of alien and psychedelic sounds, Psymbionic holds his own in what he self describes as “weird bass music”. Psymbionic’s music has been known to cut and splice genres, explore the spectrum of bass music, and provide non-traditional rhythms and drops to cut up the common place cookie-cutter experience that so often surrounds bass music. Don’t anticipate familiar build-ups and drops; at Psymbionic’s sets they will be no-where to be found. Do anticipate an amazingly woven blend of ambient layers and multi tempos that ebb and flow seamlessly. Pysmbionic offers an escape from the mundane and the commonplace and instead opts for an organic showcasing of imagination.