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CharlestheFirst Tells A Story Through Atmospheric Bass Album “The Ascent”

CharlestheFirst combines nature and music to create the journey that is his second full-length album, The Ascent!


Charles Elias Ingalls, more commonly known as left-field bass music producer CharlestheFirst, released his second full-length album, The Ascent last week. Over the last several years, the Lake Tahoe-based producer has steadily cemented his position as a pioneer of modern bass music.  The emphasis placed on nature and its inherent adventure is a salient characteristic of the album. It’s beautiful and humbling, unpredictable and mysterious.

While each track is capable of standing on its own, the album really shines when listened through in full.  Listen in full below on Soundcloud.




CharlestheFirst has a tour hitting cities near you!  Check him out in DC, Richmond, and Baltimore and get tickets at Badvss.com