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Big Dub Artist Spotlight: Luzcid

Despite having no professional music training and a BA in Electrical Engineering, the 24 year-old artist and DJ Neil Berry, better known as LUZCID, found his a passion and talent in producing music and will be bringing his personal sound to Big Dub this July.

LUZCID first entered the EDM music scene after attending shows in college and quickly fell in love with the culture and atmosphere, “It all started with me wanting to be a part of something I loved”, stated the artist, “I really like the feeling of community within the scene. You experience human interactions like nowhere else [because] music transcends all the social barriers we have created over the years. It is beautiful to be a part of that.”

Much like his stage name, which alludes to lucid dreaming, LUZCID’s dreamy sound, which he describes as “space bass”, offers a psychedelic touch to bass music. LUZCID also maintains distinct characteristics of dubstep as well as house and hip-hop influences. Inspired by outdoor adventures, video games, and epic sci-fi films, LUZCID’s music aims to replicate a sense of escape, fantasy, adventure, and wanderlust “that takes listeners on a journey through several different moods and genres.”

Since entering the music scene, LUZCID has worked with notable artists such as Crizzly, Figure, and Gladiator. He has also had the chance to work with Bassnectar, a huge inspiration to Berry, on a track for his new LP “Into the Sun” called “Science Fiction”. Currently, LUZCID is sitting on a plethora of new unreleased music that he plans to send out gradually. In the meantime, he’ll be cranking out his “space bass” music amongst the wilderness and mountains at Big Dub.

Check back next week for our full interview with Luzcid!

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