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A List of COVID-19 Relief Options & Financial Assitance

Your COVID-19 Relief Options
The effects of COVID-19 have been unprecedented and the feeling of helplessness is becoming too much to bear for many of us. That’s why our team here at Badvss have taken the past few days to put together a variety of literature to help you navigate through some of the available options that we have found.
If You Were Employed & Now Without Work
In addition to your regular unemployment benefits you could earn an additional $600 per week through federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. Learn more here.
If You Work In A Restaurant
“Restaurant Relief America” launched with Guy Fieri and the NRAEF as an employee relief fund to help restaurant workers in need. You could qualify for a one-time grant of $500. Learn more here.
If You Own A Small Business
Small businesses of less than 500 employees have certain benefits under the CARES Act which includes loans that could be forgiven if at least 75% applied toward salary or payroll costs, including owner/operator salary. Learn more here.
Small Business Relief in Virginia
Truist Financial Corp. is donating $2 million to financial institutions to support grants to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in states served by the bank. Learn more here.
If You Are An Artist
CERF – The Artists Safety Net has compiled a document that lists a variety of relief programs from around the country. Click here for access to the list. More information also available at the CERF website here
If You Are In The Music Industry
The information for the  Relief and Grants  section of MusicCovidRelief.com was compiled by the U.S. Music Community to help music professionals learn about organizations providing relief and potential grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Learn more here.