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3 Parts Techno: Enjoy ‘The Melting Pot’

In a recent release titled “The Melting Pot”, KiNK, Bloody Mary, and Thomas P. Heckman, create a three part track techno-medley. The Bulgarian artist known as KiNK opens with “Throwing Elbows” (perhaps suggesting an ironic twist on the highly popularized moshpit-dubstep anthem “Throwin’ Elbows” by Excision and Space Laces). Bloody Mary, a Berlin-based vinyl DJ and producer, follows with “Chemical Jam”. Finally, the German-techno producer Heckman concludes the series with “Dames on Acid”. “Melting Pot” delivers a lush sequence of songs that fluidly complement each other while combing each artist’s highly stylized forms of electronic music. Listen to the series right here.